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Who We Are

Impex Agency is a leading International trader and import export services provider. We help buyers and sellers get connected.

Be in Demand with Our Efficient Quality Service

Our aim is to build an international business solution for our partners across the globe. Our vision is to Become the Important Brand in the Field of International trade and become the key contact for SME’s.

  • Marketing experts making sure our clients products are placed in market with a solid brand
  • Supply chain experts who matches supply and demand efficiently
  • IT experts making sure our services can be provided beyond borders
  • Legal experts making sure all services offered are in line with law’s and regulations of each country we operate
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What We Do

Finding unique products to be imported or exported across the globe
Once you have a product or several products in mind, it is important to identify the correct market in which to sell it. Once this is established, a supply chain needs to be created
Supply Sourcing
Import and export services rely on trusted suppliers to provide the necessary goods to create your product. Having extremely good relationships with your suppliers is vital to the overall success of your business. Our supply chain experts make sure the right supplier is connected with you
Locating Customers
One of the most difficult aspects that import export companies regularly deal with is locating a consistent buyer source for their products. A quality website and good digital marketing tactics may attract buyers to your site but establishing relationships via cold calling may be a necessary process as well. Our marketing experts are able to establish and market your brand in order to attract many customers
Legal issues and contract
Another complex aspect of the importing and exporting process is signing the correct contract that would be a benefit for both parties in the transaction. Our aim to create a win-win situation so that both sourcing and demanding parties are satisfied
Establishing Logistics
The most complex aspect of the importing and exporting process involves the logistics and strategy of providing a consistent product to the consumer, without hassle or delay. This part of the process involves many people and businesses and can often become a complex and overwhelming task to a sole person or company at large. Our supply chain team makes sure the complexity is taken away so that you can focus on offering your products
Happy to Serve you
If your company would like to focus more exclusively on your product and less on the process and legalities surrounding the import export business, then let Impex become your trusted import export service provider. We have the knowledge and connections that will allow you to focus exclusively on your product, leaving the export import logistics management to us


Electronics Industry

We understand that finding offshore services for the electronics industry means looking for people who care about materials, finishes, production capability and capacity, and consistent quality. These factors are our main concerns at Impex, and we have the resources and experience to provide you with contract manufacturing that has stood up to our high standards for over 30 years

Construction Industry

We are a strategic sourcing agent for the construction industry. We know the value of quality manufacturing and value-added service. We use our extensive worldwide connections and source only the best construction component manufacturers available to provide superior offshore services. These highly efficient manufacturers provide the best services in the industry and guarantee their work to meet your product requirements

Medical Industry

Being part of family members who are medical doctors and dentists enabled our CEO to fully specialize in this industry and cooperate with thousands of clients. We offer a wide range of products in this industry to our clients. Please visit www.medisup.nu for more information

IT Industry

Considered one of the most wired countries in the world, the Netherlands is Europe’s hotspot for leading information and communications technology companies. Here in the Netherlands, global IT companies like Microsoft, Cisco, Interxion, Infosys, Huawei, Oracle, Intel, IBM, Verizon and Google tap into an unparalleled IT infrastructure, a competitive tax climate and a tech-savvy, English-speaking workforce. Our team situated in the Netherlands is well connected to these companies and are at our reach to fully cooperate. In cooperation with these companies we are able build any software our clients require. Please visit www.365-bc.nl for more information on services and software we provide